Baccarat – The Famous James Bond Game!

We have seen casino games played by heroes and villains in many movies. How could we forget the iconic star James Bond who played the game “baccarat” in one of his movies?

After that particular scene, many of his fans got excited to know more about this game, but the game seemed to be very tricky and complicated in that movie, which made the fans upset.

So for all those James bond fans, here is a simple guide on “how to play baccarat”:

The Setup

Baccarat is a table game with two sections called “banker” and “player” present. This game can be played by many players at a time, depending on the table’s size.

The casino has two types of tables for this game; one is called the half table, where the minimum bet will be $25, and the other one is present at the VIP section, where the minimum bet is $100 per round.

Before the game starts, the players are provided with the betting chips and a score sheet to note down their points.

Card Value and Winning Rule

The king, queen, jack, and 10 number cards are valued as 0

 A card is valued as 1

The number cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9) are valued as their numbers, i.e., card 2 is valued as 2.

To win this game the sum of the cards that are flipped must be equal to 9 or the sum closest to 9 wins the bet”.

The Basic GamePlay

First, the player will have to choose to bet on the banker or the player, and then the dealer who is a member of the casino will flip two face-up cards that will represent the banker and two face-up cards to represent the player.

Now the sums of the cards are taken, and the closest card to sum 9 wins.


In the banker section, they have cards like 5 and 2, and their sum will be 7

In the player’s section, they have cards like A and 7, and their sum will be 8

Now 8 being the closest to 9, the player section wins, so people who bet on “player” win the match, and they get double the bet price. (If you bet $25, you get another $25 along with it).

Possible outcomes

  • The game can also become a “tie” if the sums of both the player and banker sections are equal to both of their wins, and this is called a “tie win.”

  • Another possible outcome is when the sum of the cards is higher than 9.


Banker: 9 and 4, then the sum is 13.

Here the first digit of the sum is removed, and it is considered as “3,” and the game is continued.