5 Card Stud: A Beginner’s Guide

Money won is twice as sweet as money earned” this line will be relatable if you are a part of the world of gambling. We all know that one of the most popular games in gambling is poker. This game has been played for decades in various forms, and one of those is the “5 card stud”.

Amongst all the games, the 5 card stud is the easiest of all if we learn its tricks which are simple to learn actually.

Because “every poker is a skill game but it acts to be a chance game,” so now let’s learn how to play 5 card studs.


The game is played by 2-8 players per table in which people fix their bet limits (small bet and big bet) before the game starts.

The dealer gives each player one face-down card and a face-up card. After this, every player drops the ante into the pot, starting from the left to the dealer.

(Ante: Ante is the 10% value of the bigger bet that was pre-fixed.)

Bring In

The person having the lowest face-up card is forced to bring in, i.e., to drop half the value of the small bet. He can also choose to complete, i.e., he can drop the full value that equals the small bet.

Betting Round

After the lowest card, the player drops, he brings in, and the immediate player to the left can call, fold or raise the bet. This betting pattern is followed by another player that goes in the clockwise direction around the table.

Round one and two

Every round is addressed as “streets,” so this round is called the third street in which the dealer deals one face-up card to each player, and the betting round continues, which is similar to the last round.

The next round is called the “fourth street,” which is played in the same pattern as before, but the betting is done based on the big bet limit.

Final Round

In the last round, the dealer deals each player with one face-down card, and the betting is done based on a bigger limit, and the game ends.

The player having the higher poker ranking wins the game and gets all the bets and ante dropped in the pot.


  • The player can bluff about the first face-down card to confuse the other player as it is the only card that is seen by none.

  • Remember the up cards that are folded to calculate the winning chances and bet.