Sic Bo – A Game of Dice and Total Fun!

Sic Bo is another name for a casino game or Asian origin. As alternative to numerous cards game, this one is particularly based on dice. In many casino games where players can use strategies to win, this game is comletely about chance and your luck. It all depends on the dice, and if they work in your favor. It’s available to play at many no deposit online casino sites, and is well worth trying out!

The game is played on a table that comprises squares and rolled dices. The objective is simple; you have to guess the results of three dice being rolled simultaneously.

Sic Bo is played in both offline and online mode. During quarantine days where the world was going through a tough phase, online options became much better and easier to find. There are many online casino websites where players can find Sic Bo getting played.

Understanding the Game

From the outside, this is just a game of a table on which the dice is rolled, and the players have to guess the possible outcome. If we observe more closely though, there’s more to it, and it’s helpful to learn the ins and outs of Sic Bo.

For example, you should know what Small and Big bets are. When you guess the Small bet, it means you are guessing the dice will roll anywhere between 4 and 10 in all three rounds. Similarly, a Big bet means you are guessing that the total outcome of the dice being rolled three times would be between 11 and 17.

There are other bets as well, such as Double and Triple bets. However, most players stick to Small and Big Bets only, where they have more chances of winning with the house edge of 2.78 percent.

Playing Sic Bo Online

As the majority of the casino games are available online, Sic Bo is not an exception. All you need to do is choose a genuine platform that pays before you start the game.

When you play the online version, a random number generator throws the dice and determines the dice’s results. So here, instead of betting against a person or dealer, you  in effect play against a machine. Since the machine can generate any number, there is no particular strategy that players can employ to increase winning chances. This is a game beyond your control which should be played for trying your luck and having some fun.

Many people choose the online mode of Sic Bo (over bricks and  mortar) because websites offer them Sign up bonuses, free bonus chips, and other bonuses that allow them to practice the game without depositing real money.