Seven Card Stud: Beginner Guide

The quote “trust everyone but always cut the cards” said by Benne Binion reminds us of the classic poker games.

These poker games seem to be thrilling but very difficult to play, which is unreal. One of the easiest kinds of poker is the “Seven-card stud” which is the pure variation of poker.

But can beginners ace this game? Let’s find it by learning the rules of the game.


The game can be played with 2-8 players and every player is provided with a combination of chips.

These chips will allow making big or small bet and ante; the big bet will be twice the size of small and the ante is the 10% of the big bet.

Note: The size of the bet decides the size of gameplay; the betting limits are pre-decided.

Ante, Bring In, and Betting:

After the cards are shuffled every player must drop in ante i.e. dead money into the pot and all the further bets will also go into the pot.

The dealer provides two face-down cards and one face-up card to each. The person with the lowest card value has to “bring in” i.e. make his choice. This player can either bring in by paying equal to ante or he can pay the full small bet.

The next players to the left of the bring have to call, fold or raise but if the player with the low card is paid completely then every player must follow the same or double it or just fold the cards.

Round One and Two:

In these two rounds, the bets and limits are made with a small betting limit.

First-round is the “third street” where the dealer gives a face-up card to all players and the players from the left of the dealer proceeds to play.

This follows to the next round, after everyone receiving a face-up card, the player with the highest card will start his game and goes in the clockwise direction.

Round Three and Four:

These rounds are called fifth and sixth streets respectively, which is played with the same previous pattern but the bets are made based on the bigger limits.

Final round:

This is called the 7th street where every player gets a face-down card and the player with the highest show card starts to play and the betting goes in the clockwise direction.

The Showdown:

After all the betting rounds, the players still in hands try to form the best five cards out of their seven cards after eliminating two cards.

The player with the highest poker hand rank wins the game by getting all the chips from the pot; the ranking order is the same for all the poker games.

Tip: First round is the key round, making the correct betting will reduce the pressure.

Hence, the above article has proved that this game can be very easy even for beginners.