Sensational Slots: Past and Present

There are hundreds if not thousands of slot machines famous for their themes, visuals, and overall user experience. In the modern age slot machine en ligne may often be a go-to, but even going back many decades there have always been countless variations on the theme for slot lovers. A combination of both nostalgia and modern developments mean that as a form of entertainment slots never go out of fashion.

Let’s take a tour of slots past and present:

Liberty Bell

Charles Fey designed the Liberty Bell machine in 1895. The designer was based in San Francisco; and used symbols such as horseshoes, stars, spades, diamonds, hearts, and Liberty Bells. Here the aim was to align three bells, in order to win 50 cents. It’s fascinating that to this day his idea or both symbols and aligning them is core to slot machines all around the world, both online and off.

Lion’s Share

Moving to the modern day, this slot machine gained a lot of popularity in 2014 and is still a favourite of many. It was even in the news due to the fact that the progressive jackpot built over a period of two whole decades. A US couple eventually won the slot machine’s $2.4m jackpot , in what was called the most highly anticipated jackpot in Las Vegas.

The machines was basic compared to many, with three reels and only one pay line. As the game developed an almost legendary status, queues would develop of those wanting to have a few spins.


This is an IGT creation known for its massive jackpots. One of the wins was for $39.7 million at Las Vegas, won by an engineer in 2003.

On another occasion a cocktail waitress names Cynthia Jay Brennan got lucky enough to grab a whopping $34.9 million on Megsbucks at Vegas’ Desert Inn. Several other people has also won millions, and the game is still popular today.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is another slots game by IGT that has worldwide popularity. The game comes in a number of variations, and has significant popularity both in physical casinos and online too. For instance, slots games like this are very popular at best online casino australia sites.

In the 5-reel Wheel of Fortune slot version (there is also a three reel game), you win with the help of symbols. If you get a Super Wild symbol, your winnings multiply up to 5 times. However, arguably no variations match up the intensity of the original Wheel of Fortune slot.

Mega Fortune

The Mega Fortune slot features symbols like luxury cars, yachts, and expensive jewelry, and hence the game certainly justifies its ‘luxury’ tag. The five reels result in 25 pay lines and three different progressive jackpots: Mega Jackpot, Major Jackpot, and Rapid Jackpot. Huge jackpots are achievement, as a Finnish man found out when he won a huge jackpot of €17.8 million.