Slot Machine and related Myths

Slot machines are fun games found on online and offline casino platforms, played by countless  thousands of people each and every day. The game can readily be found online with different names like lucky spin, match three, etc. In the bricks and mortar world, slot machines are famously found in gambling establishments, most often Casinos.

So, how are slots played?

Gaming Procedure:

A slot machine consists of a minimum of three or more reels that have many symbols in them. These symbols have the possibility of forming hundreds of sequences. After betting, the player decides the number of “playline” that should be in use. The playline is the key to win, as it decides the number of ways to win in the game, and then he hits the button to derive the combination.

This simple game comes with many myths along with it, and some of them are as follow:


Improve your play by playing longer:

Slot machines cannot be predicted as each spin is independently generated by a random number. People persistently play, hoping to hit the jackpot in upcoming changes. But it is very important to keep track of our bet and limit the number of spins after losing continuously. 

Certain machines are the best:

Machines placed in the corners or at a longer distance are used less. Thus it is believed that these less used machines have the greatest winning chances, which is not true.

Machine hits the jackpot once in a century:

People are always trying to find the pattern of how a slot machine works, and so they end up finding many lame theories. It is believed that if a slot machine hits the jackpot, it takes centuries to hit again. But, there are stories where a man turned to be lucky after hitting the jackpot twice, consequently in a slot machine.

Pull Over Push:

This has to be the funny myth with the funniest stories. People prefer to pull down the handle for the reels to spin instead of pushing the buttons. They think that the pressure given in pulling the handle is going to bring them their luck. In Las Vegas, a woman pulled the handle with all her strength that the slot machine’s handle got broke.

Rubbing the coins:

People rubbed the coins before dropping in for the bet, thinking that the heat produced by the coins will hit the jackpot.

Trying to win in a slot machine can be tricky because all the spins are independently chosen by a random generated.

Let us pull the handle down, hoping for luck, without fooling ourselves with myths!

William Lee Bergstrom

In 1980, Benny Binion, founder of Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, confirmed his ‘sky’s the limit policy’ by offering to match a bet of any value, provided it was the first bet placed by the player in question. The gimmick attracted the attention of William Lee Bergstrom, a.k.a. ‘The Suitcase Man’, a successful real estate agent from La Grange, Texas.

Having borrowed $777,000 on the pretence of buying gold, Bergstrom duly arrived at Binion’s Horseshoe in September, 1980, with two suitcases; one contained the money and the other was completely empty. Without further ado, he put all his money on the even-money ‘don’t pass’ line at the craps table, won, packed the money into the empty suitcase and left.

Bergstrom paid off his bankers and disappeared from the scene for a while, before returning to Binion’s Horseshoe to win $538,000, $119,000 and $90,000 in similar fashion in March, 1984. He was back again in November that year, armed with $1 million in cash and cashier’s checks. Once again, he placed everything on the ‘don’t pass’ line on the craps table. However, on this occasion, the shooter threw seven on the come-out roll, making his bet a loser, and he left empty-handed.

The following February, Bergstrom, 33, was dead. Apparently heartbroken by the departure of his lover, John, he had committed suicide by taking an overdose of pills. His lifeless body, along with a suicide note, was discovered by a maid at the Marina Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. He wrote to a friend, ‘[John’s] leaving me was the only reason I gambled the $1 million in the first place. I knew that if I lost the million dollars that I would for sure fully and completely do away with myself.’

Beastwood Slot by Quickspin

Beastwood is a high-volatility online slot game created by Quickspin featuring free spins, expanding reels, and reel multipliers. Although it requires patience, the maximum prize of 29,541x the stake makes it worth the wait.

The expanding reels add excitement to every spin and keep players engaged, regardless of whether they are beasts or beast hunters

Beastwood Slot RTP & Variance

Beastwood’s RTP ranges from 87% to 96% and may vary based on the rate offered by the casino. Despite its high volatility, players can expect fewer but larger payouts, with the possibility of winning up to 29,541x the bet.

Beastwood Slot Free Spins

Revised: Trigger the free spins bonus by landing at least 4 letter seals on the board. Four symbols award 10 spins, with an additional 3 spins per each additional seal. In the bonus round, starting with reel 4, each reel has a Reel Multiplier and landing more bonus symbols grants 3 extra free spins.

Beastwood Reel Multipliers

Reel Multipliers are a feature that multiplies your winnings when symbols land on reels with a multiplier. These multipliers are not exclusive to the bonus round and can also be found in the base game, starting from the fifth reel and every third reel. A win on a reel with a multiplier will increase your payouts.

Beastwood Expanding Reels

The highlight of the Beastwood slot is the Expanding Reels bonus feature. The game starts with a 3-reel, 4-row setup, but with each win, the board expands by one reel. The maximum number of reels on display is six. Once the maximum number of reels is reached, a new reel will be added, while the first one is removed.


Beastwood is a must-try online slot game from Quickspin. Despite the base game symbols not offering huge payouts, the Expanding Reels bonus feature more than compensates and is a standout feature of the game.