Casinos Down Under

Being that I live in the UK, I’m positioned at the very opposite of the earth as Australia. That however doesn’t stop the country being immensely popular with visitors, backpackers and workers from the UK looking to experience the laid back and sunny nature of Australia (and who can forget the immense popularity of Australian soap opera like Neighbours and Home and Away in the UK – testament to our affinity for the country).

There’s certainly a general feeling that Australians know how to have a good time. Maybe that’s partly a stereotype, but at the same time it’s hard to deny that the sun, sea, sand and pursuits such as surfing and various over other sports and outdoor hobbies contribute to a more activity driven and party lifestyle. This can even be true of a love of casinos and the like too, and you get the feel of this via online casino australia sites, without even having to set foot in a bricks and mortar establishment. All of the same top casino games we know and love are available, slots, blackjack, poker, roulette and more.

And let’s not forget Australia’s beautiful neighbour New Zealand. For nature lovers and those looking to remove themselves fron the hustle and bustle of life it’s second to none as a place to visit. Unfortunately due to the ways of the world (attempts to keep the dreaded Coronavirus at bay) visiting this unmissable location is off the cards for now, though via the Internet it’s still possible to experience the more entertainment based aspects of the country with the best payout online casinos nz. Much like the Australian equivalent, faithful recreations of favourite casino games are all just a click away. With any luck it won’t be much longer before the country once again opens up to the rest of the world and life can return to a bit of normality.

So even though the world is in a tricky spot, don’t rule out these beautiful nations, whether for a future visit, or online exploration and casino play.

5 Perks of Being a High Roller Casino Player

When one thinks of a casino high roller, the first thing that comes to mind is usually professional poker players or business moguls who have spent incredulous amounts in these establishments. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t far from the truth. To be a high roller in a casino, you must spend a lot of money there, but it doesn’t mean that you have to make big wins to do so. Some people have notoriously lost millions of dollars at casinos, yet they still get all the perks of being a high roller.

Casinos love the patrons that bring them a lot of money, and in turn, they try their best to make their experience as nice as possible. Of course, this means that, yes, high rollers do have quite a few perks at the establishments they frequent, and here are some of the best.

Amazing Cashback Offers

Most casinos offer cashback to their big spenders. The bonuses vary from casino to casino but are usually similar in a lot of them. The cashback usually starts at 10%, but in some casinos, the high rollers might get up to 25% if they are amongst the top players. Cashback offers can apply to plenty of games, but popular picks like Roulette are the most common! You can play now at a top-tier online casino and see if what they have on deck suits your unique play style!

VIP Gambling Rooms

Casinos can get very crowded, and sometimes all you want to do is play a relaxing game of poker without having to deal with all distractions that come from your surroundings. This is why high rollers in many places out there have the option to play at VIP rooms where they can avoid the crowds and their general nonsense. If you’re tired of dealing with drunks that can get loud and annoying or tourists screaming in excitement over their first casino visit then it’s time to consider becoming a high roller.

Invitations to the Best Events

This perk is possibly the most coveted one amongst high rollers. A lot of high rollers get invitations to the best parties and events in their area, and worldwide! From red carpet events to extraordinary plays, these can be anything! High rollers have many opportunities to hang out with big celebrity names and visit exclusive events that we mere mortals can only dream of.

The Staff Pays You Special Attention

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s one of the best on the list. High rollers are always best tended and receive special attention from the casino staff. Casinos try their best to keep their biggest spenders entertained and satisfied. Because of this, special events like birthdays or bachelor parties for these patrons get extra special personalized surprises.

First Class Transportation

Other than receiving designated free parking, plenty of high rollers get treated to other modes of transportation from their favorite casinos at their expense. This could be providing a limousine, having a blast at one of the casino’s party busses, or in some cases, they have even been known to fly out their most valued customers in private jets.

Big Bad Wolf Megaways Slot by Quickspin

In September 2021, Quickspin released Big Bad Wolf Megaways, a new online slot. It has cascading reels, free spins, increasing multipliers, and Piggy Wilds. For those into this theme, another fun option is wolfwinner online casino, where all manner of top casino games are available to play.

Slot Features

In Big Bad Wolf Megaways, many features from the original Big Bad Wolf slot have returned.

Piggy Wilds

In this game, Piggy Wilds are back. Cascade wins are rewarded with wild piggy symbols, which turn wild if consecutive wins are landed on cascades.

Two cascades in a row turn the first piggy wild

Four cascades in a row turn the second piggy wild

Six cascades in a row turn the third piggy wild

Free Spins

You can earn free spins by landing three scatter symbols, and increasing multipliers will be active during this round. The same is true of many games at best ca online casino. Although this is quite a common feature in Megaways slots, there are a number of other aspects that set this game apart from the competition.

The Piggy Wilds are active here. Therefore, you can end up with three extra wilds.

By collecting scatters, you can boost your multiplier:

Three scatters will increase your win multiplier by 5x and grant you three more free spins

If you collect six scatters, your win multiplier will increase by 10x, and you will receive even more free spins.


The Megaways version of Quickspin’s Big Bad Wolf slot is outstanding. The game is a perfect balance of new and old features, giving players a great gaming experience.

By turning popular slots into Megaways, slot makers tread a fine line. They have to maintain the original game’s features while adding something new – and Big Bad Wolf Megaways does both very well.

The gameplay of the original Big Bad Wolf slot fits perfectly with the Megaways format. This means you get a top-notch gaming experience, which shows in the free spins bonus.

Ken Uston


Ken Uston was a professional American Blackjack player, author and strategist and got credited for his popularizing the concept of Blackjack team play. Uston gained notoriety in the early to mid-’70s for perfecting techniques that involved team card counting in casinos worldwide. It earned him millions of dollars, with bets reaching as high as $12000 on a single hand. Of course nowadays with online casino sites, the landscape and these approaches have moved on, but its fascinating to see how card counting really shook things up.

Casinos banned him, and he would wear various disguises concealing his identity so that he could continue to play.

His Fascination with Blackjack

Uston was born Kenneth Senzo Usui in New York City and got accepted into Yale at 16. Shortly after graduating from Yale, he earned an MBA from Harvard; he held various high positions, including Senior Vice President at the Pacific Stock Exchange.

He read up on Blackjack on the weekends, and one of the books he read was Thorp’s Beat the Dealer, which led him to frequent casinos becoming a genius card counter. Al Francesco recruited him as one of his prominent team members where members of the team would play at different tables counting cards, and when the count became positive, the “big player “ would get flagged and place large bets. After two months of being the counter, he got promoted to the “big player.”

In 1978 Uston formed a formidable blackjack team of his own and was soon banned from playing at casinos in Atlantic City, and without a team, he adopted various physical disguises. His style was flamboyant and aggressive and described by Arnold Snyder’s as the Circus Circus Las Vegas. Once Uston disguised himself as a worker from Hoover Dam and got away with spreading his bets from table to table and was considered a genius at card counting camouflage.

Where is he now?

Sadly Upton passed away at 52 in September of 1987, and the cause of death was heart failure. As stated it was a different world to the likes of and other online casinos nowadays, but is a great example of how to monopolise on an opportunity when you spot one. You simply have to take your hat off to him.