The Border Slot by NoLimit City

Nolimit City’s online slot, “The Border,” utilizes clusters and split symbols, with added features such as free spins, increasing multipliers, and nudges. This highly volatile slot offers variable RTP percentages of 92%, 94%, or 96.17%, and a top prize of 44,288x the initial stake.

Winning combinations are formed by landing five or more symbols in a group. Whenever a win occurs, the winning symbols vanish, and new symbols fall in their place, providing more chances to win.

Unique Bonuses

This mobile pokies apps game is loaded with unique bonuses, including xWays symbols, which transform into 2, 3 or 4 identical paying symbols; xSplit symbols, which split symbols to their left in half and turn them into wilds; xNudge Cluster Wilds, which nudge up and down when involved in a winning combination and increase the multiplier by +1 for every nudge, and xBomb Wilds, which explode and remove all symbols surrounding them while also increasing the multiplier by +1.

The Border Slot Bonus Features and Free Spins

Players can activate two different free spin bonuses.

Mule Spins: The first bonus is called Mule Spins, which is triggered by landing six scatters. This bonus provides ten free spins where xWays symbols forming winning combinations turn symbols on the same reel into xWays symbols, leading to even more winning combinations with additional symbols involved.

Coyote Spins: The second bonus is Coyote Spins, which is activated by landing seven scatters. Similar to Mule Spins, xWays symbols create winning combinations, but in this bonus, all symbols involved in the cluster turn into xWays symbols instead of just the symbols on the same reel. Additionally, the win multiplier does not reset at the end of each spin, providing an extra boost to the player’s chances of winning.


The game presents players with numerous opportunities to achieve significant wins, and we’re impressed by how many features the designers have included in the game.

Red Dog Poker

Red Dog Poker is a famous name in Las Vegas casinos since the time it started in 1930. It used to be mainstream play, but the game is limited to online poker these days. Players might not find it in the regular casinos as olden days.

However, since today’s time is all about staying at home, people prefer gambling online and playing casinos from just their smartphones. You may also find terms like:





Between the Sheets

All these terms are used as alternatives to “Red Dog,” so don’t be confused.

Today we will learn the basics and will understand how it is played.

The game needs a 52 card deck with poker chips where three to eight players can play at once. The game starts with Ante, which is the beginning bet of the game. This Ante is made by each player before the game begins.

The next thing is the Deal, in which every player deals with five cards, one at a time. The goal is simple, whoever collects the maximum chips, wins.

A player wins if he has a higher rank card of the same suit in hand than the card that is on the deck already.

Here the card rank goes as Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 where Ace being the highest and 2 being the lowest.

Game Play

The game starts when the player who is left to the dealer places his first bet. A player can bet any amount, and the maximum of it can be the amount of all chips in the pot. The player bets that the card in his hand is of higher rank than the card of the deck.

Once the player has made a bet, the dealer flips the card on the deck. If the player wins the bet after showing the card, he gets the original amount plus the same amount from the pot too.

If the player loses, he doesn’t get any amount from the pot, and he has to show all cards in his hand.

The process happens with each player playing and betting. If even then there are any pot rolls remaining, there begins the next round. This way, in the end, whoever gets the maximum chips, wins.

Rules to Remember

  • If the pot is empty before the game ends, each player makes another ante or puts the amount.

  • If a player wants to skip the bet and he wants to fold, he can pay one chip to the pot.

Sakura Fortune 2 Slot by Quickspin


Sakura Fortune 2 is the popular sequel to Sakura Fortune by Quickspin which was released in 2017. The game aims to build upon the popularity of its predecessor and offers exciting bonus features and improved visuals.

Theme And Gameplay

Sakura Fortune 2 online pokies slot maintains the oriental theme and features a beautiful cherry blossom backdrop. The visuals have been upgraded, creating a sharper and more visually appealing experience. The serene soundtrack further enhances the overall atmosphere of the game.

Sakura Fortune 2 has an RTP of 96.03%, slightly lower than the original. It offers highly volatile gameplay, providing the potential for big wins. The top prize reaches an impressive 19,000x the total stake.

Bonus Features

To trigger the Sakura Spins feature, players need to land three sword scatters on the middle reels. The scatters lock in place, and the outer reels respin with only swords appearing. Landing more sword scatters during the respin awards extra free spins. The number of sword scatters determines the number of free spins and locked Sakura Wilds.

The Sakura Wild symbol plays a crucial role in the gameplay and appears on the middle three reels. When it lands, it may nudge to create a fully wild reel. This triggers a respin, during which the Sakura Wild becomes sticky, increasing the chances of winning big.

Our Verdict

Sakura Fortune 2 successfully delivers an exciting and visually appealing slot experience. It builds upon the popularity of the original, offering familiar bonus features and improved visuals. The potential for significant wins, with a top prize of 19,000x the stake, adds to the excitement. However, the game’s high volatility may not appeal to all players. Sakura Fortune 2 provides an engaging and rewarding gaming experience for fans of the original and newcomers alike.

The Fascinating History of Bitcoin Casinos

In the ever-evolving world of iGaming, a huge amount of Bitcoin and crypto casinos have emerged. For those who play on them, it’s difficult to imagine a time before they existed.

A walk through the history of Bitcoin casinos is a fascinating path to tread, a gallery of gaming that showcases innovation, pioneering adventurers, the fusion of new tech with old fun, and so much more.

Bitcoin casinos indeed seem like a natural progression in today’s era, but we often overlook the humble beginnings. Let’s dive deep into the halls of history and understand the evolution of Bitcoin gambling. After all, the wheel of progress keeps turning, and cryptocurrency casinos are not going anywhere.

The Dawn of a New Era

Back in 2008, a seismic shift occurred in the world of finance with the advent of the Bitcoin blockchain. This groundbreaking invention was akin to the creation of the primitive internet. Just like the internet, Bitcoin started as a niche interest for tech-enthusiasts and gradually permeated our everyday lives.

The initial years of Bitcoin were a time of exploration and innovation. Now, rival blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, and Tron have emerged, but none can quite match Bitcoin’s promise of anonymity and decentralisation. Not to mention its place in the public consciousness. Indeed, like a piece of great art, it only grows in value over time. Specialist sites like Crypto Lists expect some of the best Bitcoin casinos to “emerge as the predominant form of online gambling, as cryptocurrencies move to the forefront of how people transact in the online space over the coming decade”. It’s way quicker to get winnings, which is highly important to many players that hate to wait days or weeks to obtain and use any gambling proceeds.

While critics may think it’s a fad, Crypto Lists and respondents on Quora believe that Bitcoin has a long-term future. However, some doubt that it will last forever. There are already a large amount of faster and ‘smarter’ coins with more real-world use cases such as Solana and Ethereum, but Bitcoin remains dominant with significantly higher market cap and trust among institutional investors, as a store of value akin to digital gold.

iGaming: An Emerging Space

Before delving into the history of bitcoin casinos, it’s essential to understand the broader context of iGaming. This term refers to the online casino and sports betting sector, and it’s fascinating to note that the first online casino emerged in 1995.

As internet connectivity improved over the years, the popularity of online casinos skyrocketed. With the advent of smartphones, games could be accessed on the go, revolutionising the industry. The payment methods and software also evolved in tandem, with exciting innovations like live dealer games becoming available with the rise of 4G connectivity.

The Birth of Crypto Casinos

As the online casino sector flourished, cryptocurrencies started gaining traction. Naturally, it wasn’t long before these two worlds intersected. The burgeoning popularity of cryptocurrencies sparked the idea of using these digital assets as payment options in online casinos.

While it’s hard to pinpoint when exactly the crypto casino trend started, it’s undeniable that these casinos are now readily accessible to the public. Taking a tour through the Bitcoin history museum, we can see one name and one casino that stands out as perhaps the original pioneer. The first known Bitcoin casino was Satoshi Dice, founded by Erik Voorhees in 2012. It’s still live but in a tweaked form and it’s not clear if Erik still is responsible for it. Today, it’s not relevant for most players since you can only play

A Stroll Down BTC Casino Memory Lane

The evolution of the Bitcoin casino industry can be segmented into four distinct phases. Between 2009 2011, Bitcoin’s early years were marked by a lack of widespread acceptance and volatility, limiting its use in online casinos. Later in 2012-2014, the first online casinos started accepting Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency’s privacy, security, and transparency attracted players and new casinos alike.

Then between 2015 and 2017 we witnessed a surge in Bitcoin casinos, driven by Bitcoin’s low transaction fees, fast processing times, and anonymity. And from 2018 to today, despite regulatory scrutiny, the number of casinos accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has continued to rise, reflecting the ongoing adoption of digital currencies.

Satoshi Dice: A Trailblazer

Launched by Voorhees in 2012, SatoshiDice allowed users to wager their BTC on a roll of the dice. It was a pioneering venture, contributing to half of all Bitcoin transactions at its peak according to internet lore.

Voorhees explained its appeal, stating that SatoshiDice provided transparent odds and verifiable fairness. The simplicity of a dice roll game made it accessible to Bitcoin holders looking to have some fun with their crypto.

Today, SatoshiDice has evolved to accept only Bitcoin Cash since 2018, moving away from its original BTC principles. It’s a far cry from the modern crypto casino sites that offer a variety of tournaments, slots, and sports betting options.

Early Innovators in the Bitcoin Casino Space

Following the launch of the first Bitcoin casino, several others joined the bandwagon. Like an art gallery featuring the names and faces of these BTC gambling founding fathers, several stand out. Among these was bitZino, which offered a variety of Bitcoin-based casino games, including blackjack, slots, and roulette.

Another one of note was SealsWithClubs, which was known primarily as a Bitcoin poker site, although it did also offer casino-style games like video poker and blackjack. BitLotto was a Bitcoin-based lottery platform where users could buy tickets with Bitcoin for a chance to win the jackpot.

There have been debates about which platform was the first Bitcoin Casino. Some argue that bitZino holds this title, but some research suggests that SatoshiDice predates by a few weeks.

Larry Tad, the owner and developer of bitZino, appeared on a popular BTC-centric forum in mid-June 2012 announcing the creation of an HTML 5 powered Bitcoin casino. However, archived records show that SatoshiDice was already active in May 2012, making it the first Bitcoin Casino.

The Evolution of Bitcoin Casinos

If we acknowledge the birth of BTC in the late 2000s and its eventual adoption by iGaming pioneers several years later, where do we look to next when exploring the history of Bitcoin casinos? Well if we look ahead several years from where we left off, in 2015 we see the emergence of Ethereum. Over the next few years, Bitcoin casinos begin to become crypto casinos more broadly as they expand their range of cryptocurrency deposit options.

Also, decentralised casinos emerge, built on the blockchain and free from centralised authority. By 2019 crypto and Bitcoin casinos have become more sophisticated, offering provably fair gaming and innovative features.The next few years see them growing in popularity, with regulatory developments and increased interest in crypto coins solidifying their place in the gambling industry.

Game Changers

It’s difficult to conceptualise a casino without games, impossible in fact. The evolution of Bitcoin casino games goes hand in hand with their historic passage through time. In the beginning, there was just a dice and you could bet. A classic dice game so to say.
Over time, Bitcoin casinos had slots that replicated real-world fruit machines, or were even more exciting. However, as things progressed and the crypto niche grew the games began to adapt too.

This gave rise to the prominence of crash games, including the iconic Aviator, BGaming’s exciting Space XY and the more recent Football X for football fans. In addition, people began to enjoy games such as Plinko, often created by in-house studios. These games allow players to have simple fun with their BTC in pure games of chance – often with higher return to player (RTP) compared to traditional slots. Without the development of these games, and the belief from the software developers in the crypto currency iGaming niche, we likely wouldn’t have seen the rise of Bitcoin and crypto gambling sites.

History of Bitcoin Casinos: Concluding Thoughts

The history of Bitcoin casinos is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of this industry. With thousands of crypto casinos generating billions in revenue, it’s clear that these types of iGaming sites are here to stay with new crypto casinos popping up all the time. The best site for the newest Bitcoin casinos seems to be Crypto Lists, featuring more than 70 new brands from 2023, with in-depth reviews, continuous updates and accurate launch dates. Most of the other competing review sites only showcase more dated brands that are not really from 2022 or 2023, and they are significantly slower and not as frequent to update their new crypto casino reviews.

As crypto casinos offer players the latest features and technological innovations, traditional sites will need to adapt to coexist with their digital counterparts. And as the old adage goes: if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.