How to Play Video Poker

Video poker gives the feel of a classy casino game. In video poker, you sit in front of a screen where you don’t have to deal with any dealer or other gamblers. You use the machine and its options to make your bet. According to the strategies used, you win or lose the game.

Nowadays, as online casinos are on the rise, video poker can be played online too. It comes much easier than getting ready and waiting in the queue for your chance to get on the screen.

Playing Video Poker

You first need to choose the game you want to play. In video poker, there are many different games from which you can choose any. Most people choose “Jacks or Better” as it offers pretty nice chances of winning, plus it is pretty famous among video poker lovers.

When you are in a casino club, you generally insert the coins in the machine or their membership cards. However, in the online world, you can play as per your deposit. You use this credit to place your bet where you don’t have to put all your money at once.

The maximum of the video poker games is based on a five-card draw where you choose your cards and decline the ones you don’t want. This way, you get five cards of your choice to play with.

People go with video poker because they have the maximum edge here, which means more chances of winning. Your win depends upon your choice of cards; once you know which cards to decline and accept, you win more than half of the game itself.

Players need to understand that you are playing against a machine that performs some fixed algorithms. Hence once you get its tactics, your chances of winning increase dramatically. 

Choosing the Paytable is important too. You shouldn’t go with any random one; choose a Paytable that offers a nearly 100% payout. In this case, you should go with a machine that offers at least 99% of return because that will reduce the house’s edge and keeps it only 0.47%. Don’t go for machines that offer around 97% returns because the house’s edge increases to 2.71%, and your chances of losing increase.

Tip: Stick to “Jack or Better” and avoid wild-card games as they reduce the chances of winning.

The biggest mistake that a player can make is playing the game with just guessing. 

Major Millions Slot by Microgaming

Major Millions is a five reels and 15 paylines Progressive slot by Microgaming. It has an animated army theme and a classic design. This slot has an RTP of 89.37% and is considered a game of low variance. Bets start at as low as $0.20 to $3.00 per spin, and players trigger the progressive Jackpot when they land 5 of the Major Million symbols on the reels simultaneously. Join in the fun with the Major in this legendary progressive jackpot slot and its big gun military theme.

Major Million Symbols

Across the reels of the Major Millions slot are an assortment of military-styled symbols like medals, the Majors cap, Bomber aeroplane, a tank, a top-secret envelope, binoculars, a large Warship and a supply crate filled with, I assume, chocolate bars. The Scatter is an explosion symbol, and the Wild is the Major himself.

Major Million Slot Features

To trigger a base game win in Major Millions, you need three of a kind across the first three reels; however, landing 4 or 5 increases your win remarkably. Land 3 Major Million symbols and receive 15 coins, but land five it rises to 1000 coins. The Scatters can land anywhere on the reels, and all Scatter wins get added to any additional pay line wins and gets multiplied by the total number of credits you staked on that spin.

The key to the slot is the Major Million symbol as he is the Progressive logo and landing five of him on the 15th, and the final payline at the maximum wager of $3.00 triggers the Progressive Jackpot. The Jackpot has been as high as $2 million.

Released in 2009, Major Million Progressive Slot is still amongst the most popular Microgaming Progressive slots and played by millions hoping to cash in on the lucrative Jackpot.

Texas Hold ’em – How to Start with the Game!

The Hold ’em game is one of the popular variations of casino games that inspires you to learn it due to its simplicity. However, it is not simple to master since it is a game of combinations of cards. These combinations can be so many, which makes this game a complex deal.

Here we would understand the basics of the game and how the batting rounds go on.

The Basics of the Game

The players are given two down cards with the community cards. You need to make the best five-card combination using all available cards.

Each player is given two down cards or cards that face down. During the batting rounds, five more cards that come facing up are called the community cards.

Each player can use these community cards with their hole cards or down cards to make the five-card combination.

These five community cards are found in three different stages, namely: Flop, Turn, and River.

The Flop part indicates three community cards. The fourth card is released in the Turn part, and the fifth and last card is revealed in the River part.

This way, a player has a total of seven cards: five community cards and two hole cards. The mission is to construct five-card hands using the best five cards out of seven.

The combinations can be many such as using two hole cards and three combination cards, using one hole card and four community cards, or using only community cards.

Rounds of Betting

The opening happens with each player having two cards face down, known as hole cards.

The first round starts with the player to the left. The dealer burns a card and presents the three community cards. The first three cards are called Flop, and all the community cards are called Board.

The second round starts with the player to the left of the dealer button. A player can check or bet; after that, he can raise, call, or fold.

The dealer then burns another card in the Turn part, where the fourth card adds up in the community cards.

In the third round, the format remains the same as the second round; only the amount of bets increase.

Then comes the River part, in which the fifth card is added to the Community cards.

The Final round also remains the same as the second and third round. In the last, Showdown happens in which the remaining players show their combinations. The combination which contains the highest five-card hand wins.

In case there is a tie, the pot is evenly distributed between the two players.