King Kong Slot by Playtech

Ever since the original movie’s release in 1934, King Kong has been captivating audiences worldwide. This video slot is based on the movie released in 2005, and Playtech have made their usual professional adaptation of the movie obviously in conjunction with Universal Studios

Presented in 5 reels with 25 pay lines, it comes in two different modes – the jungle mode and the city mode. The jungle mode is the start of the game and has two bonus features.

King Kong Bonus Features

Trigger three or more King Kong symbols anywhere on the reels, and you enter the Wild Jungle re-spins with three re-spins awarded and notice the King Kong symbols stay in place the whole re-spin timer.

Skull Island Bonus

The next feature is a lot more exciting and is known as the Skull Island Bonus. This is brought into play by triggering at least 3 King Kong symbols. Do this, and you get a map of Skull Island detailing 13 different locations to choose from. You will open up either King Kong himself or 1 of 3 other creatures and match three creatures, and you will be rewarded with a multiplier. The following rewards are available

  • Brontosaurus x 10 multiplier
  • Raptor x15 multiplier
  • King Kong x30

Big City Mode

Leaving the Skull Island mode takes you to the Big City mode and spin at least 3 King Kong wilds takes you into the first of 2 bonus rounds, Wild Kong Re-spins The second bonus feature in this round is the City Tower game, and this emulates that famous scene with Kong on top of the Empire State building fighting off an aerial attack, Cash prizes are after three occasions of selecting one or three planes

Playing the King Kong video slot is an enjoyable and entertaining casino games experience with excellent features, including free spins and a multiplier.