Keno is a simple game played in casinos and these days online too. It’s a lottery game where player bets on any one number to appear. This is not exactly a grand casino game but more of an old-school game that players still enjoy.

The Reasons Behind Being all Excited about Keno

Well, the very first reason is the simplicity of the game. Those who don’t want to implement any extensive knowledge of maths and reasoning choose Keno. The game is simple, where a player just needs to choose one number. And if that number appears on the lottery ticket, Congratulation! Keno gives common people a chance to make a great amount of money that they can even become the headline of the next-day newspaper.

The second reason is the amount of money that is needed to play Keno. Unlike big casino games, Keno needs a very low amount of money, as low as $2. With a few dollars, you can win a thousand dollars, and that is what lures the majority. 

People from the olden days are always attracted to jackpot kind of gambling, and Keno gives them the exact feel. So one who doesn’t want to use any tactics or strategy and simply wants to enjoy the game goes for Keno. People always want to get lucky, and hence they try Keno because even they don’t know which moment might become the luckiest for them.

How to Get Started with Keno?

That is pretty simple! There are a total of 80 numbers from which you need to pick one number. 20 numbers are drawn randomly, and if among these 20 numbers, there is your number, you win.

Many players pick more than one number. In this case, the payout amount is decided based on the total number matched from the total numbers drawn.

In Keno, a player can either go for a high payout or a lower one. The high the payout is, the less probability there is for you to win. So, in the beginning, you should start with picking a low amount. This way, you would have more chances to win and boost your confidence.

Are There any Strategies to Win Keno?

Since Keno is all about the game of luck, there is nothing that you can do. Numbers are drawn randomly, and it can be any number that appears. Some players might change numbers while some play with the same number many times.