How to Play Pai Gow

Pai Gow was created in the 1980s by an American casino owner, Sam Torosian. However, the game was not actually patented by the owner, but is still going strong after many years.

The game always attracts the crowd due to its simplicity and the chance of making a pretty amount of money. Itt’s popular in Asia,  australian online casino sites and beyond. The goal is simple: you have to make two poker hands, one is a 5-card hand, and another is a 2-card hand. These two poker hands should be better than the dealer’s poker hands.

If this happens, you win and $$$ comes your way. If only one of your hands wins though, it’s called a push. If both of your hands are not better than the dealer’s, then you lose the game and money.

So really you can see that it’s an easy and slow-paced game (not intimidating like some casino games are for new users) where people who want to have a relaxed play can participate.

You can play with small stakes and at your own pace without feeling pressured by the fellow players. Also, Pai Gow is played against the banker, so generally, all the players win or lose together creating a bit of an ‘in it together’ spirit, that can sometimes be the making of the night, in bricks and mortar establishments.

Another positive about the game is that if you are not sure about creating your hand, you can turn the face-up and ask the dealer. He will sort it for you, and you get ready to play.

Betting in Pai Gow

The game begins when the player places a bet before receiving any cards. The bet should fall within the minimum and maximum betting limit of the table. Once the bet is made, it carries on till the game completes.

Some casinos have special Pai Gow tables where you can make a bonus bet as well. This bet allows you to make what is called a premium hand. The more efficiently you make the premium hand, the more you are able to win. Also, you don’t have to win the main bet to get eligible for the bonus bet either.

One thing to remember is that if the hand draws or if you and the dealer get the same hand, it goes in favor of the dealer, and you lose. This is effectively the bankers edge. This is true whether you’re logged into casinos en ligne or elsewhere (on or offline).

While making the two hands, your one hand should be a five-card hand, and it should outrank the two-card hand. The 5-card hand is the backhand and the one in the front is made up of just two cards. Right, you’re ready to go! Enjoy..