Get To Know the Backgammon!

Most of the gambling games in the casino can be won only with the help of our luck. But backgammon is one of the classical games in the casino that needs some amount of skills and tricks to win. The minute when they know that it requires skills, all the players conclude it as a tedious and difficult game, which is not true.

Backgammon is a fun checkers game where players move their checkers based on the dice rolls. 

Let us have a quick look into the gameplay of this game.

Types of equipment needed


Backgammon is played with a board that consists of four quadrants, and each quadrant consists of 6 triangular-shaped spaces. The triangles are designed in alternate colors on which the checker chips are placed.


Each player is provided with 15 checker chips (round chips) of two different colors. Mostly, player one is provided with 15 black-colored chips, and player two is given 15 white-colored chips.


Each player will have two-two dice in a holder, which has to be rolled on the right side of the board. If the dice is rolled outside or on the other side of the board, the player must roll the dice again.


  • Both the players are supposed to place their chips on their first quadrants. Player one can move the chips only in an anti-clockwise direction, and player two moves his chips in the clockwise direction (coin moves in a horseshoe shape path).

  • Both the player should roll one dice at the same time and the player rolling with a higher number gets to move their checker first. Then the players start to take an alternative turn by rolling two dice.

  • If both the players are rolling the same number on the first round, they will have to roll the dice once again.

  • In the next round, if player one is rolling two dice (2, 4), he can either move the same chip or two different chips on the board. If the player rolls both the dice with the same number, the player gets to move double the time.

  • While moving the checkers, the player cannot place the checkers on the triangles occupied by the opponent.

  • If he got no other moves, he should place the chip on the middle of the board, and he can play forward only after reviving the center chip by rolling the correct number on the dice.

Winning Move

After moving from one end to the other, the players reach their home board (the right quadrant of each player). After reaching here, the player will have to move their chips off the board. The first person to get all their chips outside the board wins.

Hence, it can be said that this is a game of half luck and half skills!