Facts about blackjack

One of the most fascinating table games in the gambling world is “Blackjack”. This game is said to be one of the oldest gambling games amongst all, which is considered to be the only game where the winning chances are high. This has the highest payout of 99.4% making blackjack the top table games in the gambling world.

Let us have a closer look into the rules and procedures of this game.

Rules of Blackjack

The game needs two or more people, among whom one person will be the dealer. First, people place their bets and the dealer will deal the cards one by one, giving two per person. The round starts from the person on the left to the dealer, where the players can either hit or wave during their chance. The major aim is to form 21 as the sum of the cards or to win over the dealer by getting a closer number to 21 for winning the bet.

This simple game carries many interesting facts about it and those are:

Scoring 21 is the Major Aim

Your major opponent in blackjack is the dealer, so the aim should be to beat the dealer. Reaching 21 will make you win, but that can at times be a long process and can bring chances for the dealer to win.

Example: If your hand is ten or even lesser, reaching 21 can be difficult, instead we should find another strategy to score higher than the dealer and win.

Counting Card is Allowed

Rumors say that counting the cards is illegal, which is not true. One can count the cards to judge whether the next round will be lucky for the player or not.

16 is the Worst Hand

Experts say that having 16 hands will bring defeat to the player. The hit after 16 as the sum is most likely to push the sum over 21 results in defeat for the player. Even though this can be proved wrong, to date there has been no one who has won after getting the hand as 16.

11 is the Best Hand

Having 11 as the hand will bring victory. Since 10 is the largest point, summing up 11 and 10 will end up at 21 or even a lesser number will result in a good hit but never a bust.

5 is the Prestigious Card

Card 5 can easily affect the deck by bringing a 0.64% increase in the house edge and this cannot happen with any other number.

Blackjack is not about the card you’re dealt with, but how you play the hand!