Ron Harris Ward


The Nevada Gaming Commission employed Ronald Harris Ward in the 1990s. This was long before the days of the best uk online casino games, or USA or any other country for that matter. We were in firm ‘bricks and mortar’ territory’.

He was responsible for analyzing and testing the software used by the slot machines to determine if it had any flaws.

It was part of his job to travel around Las Vegas to check the slot machines for errors, which was a tedious but necessary task to prevent cheating.

Slot Machine Programming

His knowledge of the inner and outer workings of the slot machines made him one of the few Nevada Gaming employees who had full access to the secret code that allowed him to reprogram the RNG (The Random Number Generator) of the slot machines.

To be more specific, he reprogrammed the slot machine’s software using EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory), which controlled how much money the machine paid out. It also affected the exact time the slot machine would win.

His own microchip replaced the memory in the slot machine’s microchips so that it would pay out when coins inserted in a specific sequence were inserted.

He used three coins for the first spin, two for the second spin, two for the third spin, one for the fourth spin, and so on.

If he inserted the coins in his pre-programmed sequence, the machine would pay him out, and the cameras would not pick up anything suspicious.

He could not, however, do this alone because he is a Nevada Gaming Board employee. As a result, he recruited an old unemployed friend named Reid McNeal to assist him.


Despite making money from playing the games that Ward programmed for McNeal, they grew greedy as a result.

They decided to do a single big payout of $100 000 on a Keno machine, but since the odds of hitting such a jackpot were 230 000, the casino became suspicious. It’s no surprise, as even with todays best online casino payouts, 100k is still impressive.

Mcneal was followed back to his hotel room, where security found Ward and all the evidence. The two were arrested and charged, but Reid got off for giving evidence against Ward.

Ward was jailed for seven years.

Chris Moneymaker

The story of Chris Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker was the player who won the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event, making him the best-known poker player of all time. A satellite tournament qualified him for the WSOP, and he was considered an unknown contender. However, he was successful in proving that perseverance and hard work would pay off. At both online at the best online casinos usa, and offline venues he excelled and honed his poker skills.

Having grown up in Atlanta, Georgia, he is the middle child of a middle-class family. It was on one of the family’s free vacations that his father worked for a travel agency. Chris had a thrilling gambling experience. They managed to sneak into the cruise ship’s casino and find a slot machine but were escorted out penniless.

What he did in his life

Moneymaker holds both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from the University of Tennessee. He enjoyed playing online poker once a week with his friends in those days but hadn’t thought about pursuing it as a career. As time passed, however, bills mounted, and he began playing online poker. Luckily, he won a satellite tournament at PokerStars for $39 buy-in.

Moneymaker played to lose as he wanted to finish in fourth place for the cash prize. However, his friend convinced him to go first since it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Moneymaker started the 2003 World Series of Poker and faced 838 of the world’s best poker players with 10000 chips. On that day, he finished 11th with 60 000 chips.

After the second day of the competition, only 111 players remained, including Moneymaker, who sat in 26th place with 10000 chips. Throughout the tournament, Moneymaker just kept winning, and he won 2.5 million and a gold signature bracelet on the fifth day with a great bluff. He’s a worldwide name, and whether you’re a player on the best south africa online casino, or living in the UK, or Stateside, you’ll have no doubt heard of his name.


Today, he serves as PokerStars’ spokesperson and has attracted many new players. The sudden attention poker started receiving was known as the “Moneymaker effect.” This man is a true inspiration and shows anybody anything is possible with a bit of determination!

Sports Betting: More Variety Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

Ever since my cousin introduced me to football at the age of four, I have continued to follow this sport, pouring all my heart into it. As the years went by, I started noticing other sports worth investing time in such as cricket, tennis, and Formula 1. I late realised that, with the knowledge I have of these sports, betting becomes not only enjoyable but also profitable. If you enjoy sports as much as me, you should consider using your knowledge to make a little profit. With hundreds of different markets to choose from, all the power is in your hands! Pick the sports markets you feel most knowledgeable in and enjoy your betting experience with the sports you love the most!

What You Can Bet On

Think about any sport. You can probably make a never-ending list. It is highly likely that for all these sports that you can think of you will find bookmakers ready to give you a variety of options to bet on that same sport. I obviously tend to go for the ones that I feel most knowledgeable in as it increases my chance of winning by a considerable margin. Whilst football is my preference, you can see what markets are being offered by bookies in the sport you feel most comfortable dealing with. This will greatly boost your experience of the sport that you already love! Here I will go through some of the main markets generally being offered in the sports that I follow, which, as I mentioned above, are football, cricket, and Formula 1.

Football Markets

Football is my go-to when it comes to betting and is arguably the most viewed traditional sport all around the world. With years of experience following and practicing the sport, I feel quite confident predicting different outcomes in each game. Here are some of the main markets generally offered by bookies:

  • Team to win the tournament
  • Team to win the match
  • Player to score
  • Player to be booked
  • Both teams to score
  • Over/Under a certain number of goals
  • Number of corners in a match
  • Number of free kicks in a match
  • Number of throw-ins in a match

Cricket Markets

The love towards cricket has reached astounding levels in many places around the world with the sport being considered close to a religion within some countries, such as India. What I really like about cricket is how entertaining it is, giving you quite a good number of hours leaving you at the edge of your seat. It is also easy to notice some patterns that you can take advantage of in markets such as the following:

  • Team to win the game
  • Team to win the tournament
  • Player of the match
  • Best batsman for a team
  • Best bowler for a team
  • Mode of dismissal
  • Number of runs scored
  • Total sixes hit
  • Whether a batsman will score a half-century or century

Formula 1 Markets

For those who love motorsports, Formula 1 is one of the most sought-after sports, renowned worldwide for producing some insanely talented drivers over the years. Some of these drivers also moved on to follow glory in other motorsports such as the Formula E or the Indy 500 increasing interest in motorsports altogether. Here are some of the markets being offered in Formula 1:

  • Driver to win the Drivers’ Championship
  • Team to win the Constructors’ Championship
  • Driver to win the race
  • Podium Finish
  • Driver to win Pole Position
  • Fastest Lap

Choosing the Right Bookmaker

As previously mentioned, there are loads of bookmakers that offer various markets for different sports. This may initially seem like an advantage, but it can soon turn into a daunting decision to make. How can I pick the right one with such a wide range of possibilities? Imagine going to a restaurant and sitting down in front of a menu with a huge variety of dishes all seemingly appealing. It becomes difficult to pick and your eyes just keep turning from one dish to another. Sometimes, a smaller menu may make your decision much easier and ends up being far less frustrating to pick. A quick search through the Internet will provide you with lots of information such as betting sites for UK punters and others. Here I will list a few of my favourite betting operators. You can choose a different one, but these three will guarantee you a good sports betting experience.


One of the most important things to look for in a bookmaker is the odds being offered. If we consider the odds of a particular game with one bookmaker and another, the bookie with the higher odds practically guarantees you a higher profit for the same winning outcome. For this reason, I believe Bet365 is a brilliant choice. The odds offered are generally extremely generous and this is not limited to just football but is also true of a huge number of different sports being offered. I would also mention that many matches are streamed live on bet365 which makes your betting experience far more enjoyable.

William Hill

This one is another extremely well-known online sports betting site. William Hill has one of the most user-friendly interfaces that I have seen. It is extremely easy to navigate your way through the site and find the sport and its markets that you are looking for. The clean interface and the lack of annoying advertisements make the experience more enjoyable to me. In addition, you can find a huge number of markets to bet on so you can rest assured you will find markets that tickle your fancy with this bookie.


This bookmaker also offers a great variety of sports and markets you can bet on and does stream some live matches too. However, another good reason to pick a bookie over another is the availability of bonuses and promotions. 888sport does provide loads of special offers fairly frequently which makes this bookie quite a good option to go for. Having new offers on a regular basis will keep you entertained and increase the chance of a higher betting satisfaction.

If you truly love a particular sport and you are willing to put your knowledge on the line, join the millions of people around the globe in their sport betting online journey and enjoy this fantastic and often profitable experience!

Football’s Over, Now I’m Considering Cricket Betting

I don’t know about you, but I had a really fun time betting on the Euro 2020 this summer. At the start of the tournament, I had an inkling that Italy would go on to lift the trophy courtesy of a penalty shootout, so I decided to take the risk and put £20 on that exact outcome happening. I will not tell you how much I won from this bet, but I am sure you can imagine what the odds for such an outcome were. I placed other bets as well throughout the competition such as Scotland to finish bottom of the group (easy money) and for Germany to be eliminated in the Round of 16. If you also enjoyed betting on the Euros, you might be at a loss as to what to bet on next, and this is where I come into play.

Well, I am a huge cricket fan, and I cannot wait for the resumption of the Indian Premier League in September. This great T20 competition was meant to have finished a while ago, but it had to be postponed because of the pandemic situation in India.

At the beginning of June, the BCCI informed us all that the IPL would be starting up again on the 17th of September with the final being played on the 10th of October. The rest of this tournament is going to be played in the United Arab Emirates as the BCCI has declared that this is a safe place for the players to be.

I cannot wait because this competition provides so many great betting opportunities. If you have never bet on cricket before, I really recommend you give it a go because cricket betting is one of the most entertaining forms of gambling out there.

Why do I like IPL betting so much? Well, one of the main reasons is that there is just so much to bet on. In my opinion, when it comes to variety, cricket is up there with other major sports such as football. When you are betting on cricket, you can bet on a variety of markets such as:

  • Team to win the game
  • Team to win the tournament
  • Player of the match
  • Best bowler for a team
  • Best batsman for a team
  • Total number of runs scored
  • Total sixes hit
  • Mode of dismissal
  • Whether a batsman will score a half-century or century

Great Cricket Betting Opportunities do not End with the IPL

When the IPL comes to an end in October, that is not the end of the great cricketing T20 tournaments that you can bet on as there will be the T20 Cricket World Cup that is scheduled to start on the 17th of October and end on 14th of November. Many of the best players that took part in the 2021 IPL will be showing off their skills at the T20 World Cup.

This competition is scheduled to be held in India, but it is highly likely that it will be move to the UAE for the same reasons why the IPL will be concluded there. When you look at the odds that are on offer at the best betting sites, you will see that many are backing India to win, and I am actually tempted to put my money on a final between India and England since both of these teams are chock full of cricketing talent, with England being the current ODI World Champions. On the England team you have quality players such as Jonny Bairstow, Jason Roy, and Jos Buttler, while on the Indian team you will find quality players such as Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma to name but a few.

Where do I go to Bet?

There are many great sports betting sites out there that it can be quite tricky to find the online bookmaker that suits you the best. I liken it to going to a restaurant, picking up their menu, and then finding more than 100 dishes on it to choose from. In this scenario, it will take a bit of time to find the dish that you want to order.

So, where do I do all of my sports betting? Well, I like to shop odds from different bookmakers using what I consider to be the #1 portal for cricket betting on the web. This site keeps points me to the best odds as well as plenty of bonuses and promotions. Whenever I make a bet, I want to ensure that I will get the most profit possible if I go on to win. I look for a market that I want to bet on, and then I go to the bookies I am registered with to see which one is offering that market with higher odds, and then I choose them. I really suggest that you do the same too.