Sunrise Reels by Realistic is a fun and easy arcade-style game. Released in March 2017, it has a layout of 3 rows, three reels and five betways. The games RTP is 95.27% and a maximum win of 12000X your stake. However, it’s a simple classic slot but don’t get misled by its layout as its clumped fruits and five win lines make for large payouts. Wake up to Sunrise Reels and enjoy some decent wins and a considerable amount of simple gameplay.

Sunrise Reels Symbols

Fans of retro slot machines will be more than satisfied with this three reeler from Realistic Games. It’s about as classic as it comes, and it has an assortment of vintage symbols with bunches of cherries, plump plums. Juicy oranges and lemons, mouthwatering melons and succulent grapes. There are also a few non-edibles which include Bar symbols, bells and lucky 7’s. The slot lives up to its name by presenting an energizing sunrise vista across a beautiful calming seascape and a simple monochrome background.

Playing Sunrise Reels

As previously mentioned, Sunrise Reels only has three reels, but spinners can find winning symbol combinations with five paylines fixed in position. Three of the pay lines run horizontally across a 3×3 grid, with the remaining two in diagonal positions. Stakes start from as little as $0.25 credits going as high as $200.

The lowest wins are 8x total bet Multipliers when players land three oranges, lemons, plums or cherries on one of the five paylines. Three Grapes or Bells payout higher stake Multipliers of 20x while three watermelons or Bar symbols award players 40x the value of all bets. The most lucrative symbol is the Lucky 7, three of these symbols reward players with the slots top jackpot prize of 60x the stake value, meaning players get to win 12000 credits.

Sunrise Reels may be simple, yet it allows players to experience genuinely authentic slot machine action from home or on their mobile devices.

Monopoly Megaways Slot by Big Time Gaming

Monopoly has been a favourite board game for many years, and this video slot by Big Time Gaming will undoubtedly enhance its popularity even further. Particularly with those who like to play online! The graphics are excellent, and the board is laid out as per the original board with approval from Hasbro, the originators.

Megaways Feature

It is a six-reel game, and each reel can have as many as seven symbols; therefore, the opportunity for winning is high. It is not called Megaways for nothing!! Megaways has combined with the Real Adventure engine and a feature called Reactions seeking successive wins. The Mr Monopoly icon has awards such as increased multipliers and Megaways Free spins.

Reactions Feature

There is a Reactions feature, and here you have Mr Monopoly cruising around the board and rewarding additional features. You can get the multiplier amount increased, plus more free spins with the Megaways feature.

Monopoly Symbols

Big Time Gaming has maintained the original pieces from the game, and these include the dog, battleship, race car and the Tophat. The Top Hat is the most valuable symbol, and should you trigger a combination of 6, you can earn rewards of 50x your win. Smaller rewards are, of course, available starting with a combo of 2 symbols paying 2x your win.

Symbols include A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 royals. The original Monopoly tokens (playing pieces) such as the dog, race car, battleship and top hat are gold in appearance. The top hat is the highest paying symbol giving you 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 x stake for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 in combination.

A host of features and bonuses promise some attractive rewards, making the Monopoly video slot interesting, exciting, and well worth playing!!


Pachinko is a game of gambling which is particularly popular in Japan. Looks-wise, it is more like the Western Pinball game. In the game, you sit in front of a Pinball-like machine, and you release a ball inside the machine. Now, where this ball stops in the machine determines which things you win or if you win any money or you don’t win anything at all.

Knowing the origin, the word Pachinko refers to the sound “Pachin,” which the machine makes, and “Ko” refers to small. The game has been in popularity in Japan since 1953; however, it is not very much known outside of the country.

The Pachinko machines are set in an arcade, and there are various rows in which multiple Pachinko machines are placed. Hence many players can play the game at a time on their machines.

Pachinko is also one reason why Japan’s streets look so bright, colorful, and cheering with the sound accompanying the game.

The Mechanism of Pachinko

To start the play, the player sits in front of the Pachinko machine. He rents some small steel balls to target the particular places inside the machine. The player loads these balls into the machine. He then shoots the balls by pressing a lever given, which releases the hammer.

This hammer then pushes the ball in a metal track where the ball gradually slows down and falls in a place. There are several small cups inside the machine holding a gift or money. When the ball drops in any of these cups, the player wins that particular gift.

This is the basic idea of how Pachinko works.

Pachinko and the Slot Machine

Many players compare the game with slot machines. However, it is not exactly like a slot machine. It can be said that Pachinko holds some similarities to the slot machine but not all. For example, in Pachinko, the player holds the lever to push the balls further. So here, the player controls the force when he releases the lever, which further decides the velocity of the ball.

Slots are more luck-based, whereas Pachinko depends on your manner of using the lever. Your force decides where the ball will end up and which means you have control of the game in some amount.

These days, Pachinko is available online, where the website mimics the look of the machine. However, it doesn’t give the same satisfaction; an online game doesn’t need you to go to Japan particularly to play your game.