A Gambling Guide for Craps

In the world of gambling, the casino has always provided endless social entertainment. Craps is one of the most famous gambling games played with dice.

Craps are also known as bank Craps and Las Vegas-style Craps, which are played in different casinos around the world.

This game generally attracts a larger crowd due to the constant cheering of players teaming up against the house. The unique table setup of this game can make it seem difficult.

So, here are some pro-tips to become a Craps champ:

Common Rules

The main player of this game is known as the “Shooter.” In the first round, the shooter rolls two dice at the same time. This brings three possible outcomes for the dice to land in, and they are:

Natural: The sum of the dice should end up in 7 or 11, which indicates a “win-win.”

Craps: If the sum of the dice is 2, 3, or 12, it means you “lose.”

Points: Now, if the sum ends up at 4, 5,6,8,9, or 10, then the dealer marks your score for the later calculations.

Roll of 7: If the shooter rolls 7, it means you “seven out,” which means he loses.

After the first round’s calculations, the shooter gets to roll the dice for the second time. In this round, if the shooter gets the same sum as the previous round, then the shooter wins; if not, the score goes to the house. The shooter can roll again only if he wins in this second round, or else the chance moves to the next person on the left.

The above are the major rule that has to be followed, but there is also another major part while playing Craps and that is “betting.”

Major Types of Bets

Pass or Don’t Pass: The first one can bet on either line; pass means that the shooter will win, and “don’t pass” means the shooter will lose or seven-out.

Come or Don’t Come: The betting starts after the points are calculated. We have to guess and bet based on the sum.

If the sum ends up as natural or points, it is in the “come line.” If the sum ends up as Craps, then it is in “don’t come-line.”

Major Tips

  • It is highly encouraged to bet on the “don’t pass” line as there are high chances for the shooter to lose.

  • Keeps your bets simple and stay away from hard that consists of two times 4 as 8 or twice 3 as 6.

  • Gambling can pull our legs anytime, so it is important to keep an eye on our budget.

These are the basic rules and major tips; now it’s your time to toss the dice!